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Artistic support, Production

The association Contre Courant is a structure in Toulouse, born in 2009, with the desire to support the local music scene through coaching and supporting the development of emerging artists. Management and coaching is conducted with groups or companies already professionalized, with one watchword of creation. This design comes in different ways, whether the creation of the show, directory, game scene, tools, or other. The primary objective is to deal with the local pool, the second is to share it.
Other artists make up the group, feeling no need to be accompanied for their projects in their entirety but only in certain areas.
Projects and artists supported by the association of actions to the democratization of culture in all its forms, and wishing to share their passion for their art through various channels and means.
Thus, musicians accompanied and supported are also raising awareness and transmission led to a diverse and / or disadvantaged public. The aim is to stimulate intellectual curiosity and allow everyone to see the shows and artists, without barrier. Work is directed more particularly to the school on the premise that good habits start young, it is the same for cultural discoveries, artistic and musical.

* Management: La Face Cachée des Sous Bois, Enterrés Sous X, Shake US Amoul Solo.
* Production: Stabat Akish, La Tarentule, Hancock En Stock, Curcuma, Babou, Sauce Wing, BaHd, Dounshaq.