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Fanny Roz

With a mother who was both stage director and professional puppeteer and a father who combined farming with his passion for operettas, musical influences were diverse in the Roz household, and Fanny was very young when she started her own musical journey, studying the piano.
A childhood immersed in sound and performance led to the study of of jazz musicology in Barcelona, Spain, and the decision -not unnaturally - to settle in this cosmopolitan capital of Catalan culture and music.
Barcelona’s vibrancy provided the springboard for project ‘Fanny Roz.
In 2012, surrounded by her musician friends, she released her first album "Prend son souffle et saute !“ (Take a deep breath and jump) with The Catalan label Bcore disc.
After a series of concerts with her band in France, Spain and Portugal, the adventure continued with the recording of a second album, inspired by her live experiences.
To the fore this time is experimentation with atypical vocal tones, beatbox, slam and theatrical performance, alongside Fanny’s pure vocal harmonies.
At the end of 2015, nostalgic for the great outdoors, she re-settled in her native countryside south of Toulouse. Fanny Roz offers today solo performances which feature piano, voice, and loops, integrating experimental sounds from nature such as trees and natural objects.