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Anja Kowalski formed her band WOLKE in 2009 and subsequently released a self-produced EP the same year.
In 2015 WOLKE released their first full album in Belgium with NAFF Rekordz and in France with LINOLEUM (June 2016).
Their eponymous album contains 9 original compositions and 4 short improvisations based on those songs.
The sound of the band oscillates between indie-folk/pop and avant garde jazz, appropriating different stylistic elements to create their own sound.
The lyrics (in German and English) and music of WOLKE come out of a certain longing, the “Heimweh”, a feeling similar to the Portuguese “Saudade” or the Blues, immersing you in a world that is both melancholic and luminous, fragile and rough.

“ There is something enchanting in Anja Kowalski's compositions, something that reminds you of Kurt Weill as well as those folk singers with their engaged lyrics... “.
( J. Prouvost in JAZZQUES)

“ This non-linear album doesn't hesitate to bring on some urban sizzle ( Nebelland ), introduce tropical fantasies by way of Tom Zé ( In Erwartung ) or even encourage free jazz dissonance ( Conversation between a woman and a mirror )....”
(P.Cornet /FOCUS-le Vif)

Anja Kowalski - vocals , acoustic guitar
Benjamin Sauzereau - electric guitar
Eric Bribosia - keyboards
Yannick Dupont - drums, laptop

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