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Un Monde si Beau



« Un monde si beau… » (such a beautiful world) new album released 25 May 2009

Genuine francophone chanson !

A colourful, mixed-up music with southern spices !

“Un monde si beau...” according to Bangril is a world without boundaries where homeless people are free people from Valenciennes to Pékin, where every one has a roof, where being a grand father is a poem, where America has a flavour of Africa, where love is not judged or refrained...

His music freely travels from one Mediterranean shore to another, his francophone words even dare at times to become Arabic, Spanish, English or kabyle...

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01 Le Va-nu-pieds03' 44"
02 La chanson des deux rives 05' 28"
03 Salut à toi le parisien04' 07"
04 Une jolie fleur03' 43"
05 Muscadet03' 19"
06 Un petit feu de bois03' 17"
07 Me and Bobby mc Gee03' 56"
08 Un monde Si beau04' 21"
09 Jolie demoiselle04' 56"
10 Colombes des quatre Saisons 03' 40"
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