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Tres cuatro


When Cuban and Venezuelan music meet, with their traditional instruments, the tres and the cuatro, to « latinise » French songs, ancient songs from the repertoire and new compositions, it gives the music of Chanteurs Latins. Their music is the very expression of the « salsa » concept which itself is a mix of Latin cultures with no boundaries and allows total freedom for dance and party !! Their album « tres cuatro » includes 12 tracks recorded in Dakar then in Montpellier.

Concert Chanteurs Latins
Phlippe CARMONA : Cuban tres, guitar, chant
Sylvain GILLES : Venezuelan cuatro
Françoise REBUJENT : bass, backing vocals
Jérôme VIOLLET : percussions, backing vocals
Robin CAPUANO : trombone
and many guests...

Chanteurs Latins - Tres Cuatro

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