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This is the most universal album of all four. “Traverser” looks like a genuine logbook, a collection of travel impressions. This is kind of a concept-album, an aggregation of moving pictures that have been seen through a bus window during 30 years on tour.
“I write my music as moving poems, simply passing through.
Musically speaking, “Traverser” grew with guitars, with a basic trio more concentrated compared to the previous albums (guitar/bass/drum bass).
A bit more like Bob Dylan and reminding “John Wesley Harding”.
This is a more bare and stripped back album with more unplugged arrangements, the album goes straight to the essential.

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01 Traverser03' 13"
02 Stéréotypie03' 42"
03 On the move03' 06"
04 Bleus de Sète04' 14"
05 Des murs et des murs02' 41"
06 Au milieu de nulle part03' 47"
07 Fin du jour à Autun03' 51"
08 La nausée02' 55"
09 Ferry-Boat02' 15"
10 Séoul03' 26"
11 Le singe blanc03' 52"
12 Sortie d'autoroute02' 45"


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