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Stories From Birds And Horses


« Stories From Birds and Horses » is the first album by Winter By Lake.
At the initiative of the "CancelN" project resulting in a dark and melancholic album, Nicolas Cancel wanted to go back to basics and start again from a blank canvas, a musical rebirth.
Winter Lake By expresses the desolate landscapes of the winter, season dear to the artist, the Season before and the arrival of the spring.
Stories From Birds and Horses is a concept album where the words “Birds” and “Horses” echoed in each musical piece – small single worlds, between dream and reality, penetrated by images of freedom and power. The work seems to be a patchwork of postcards that could have been sent by these animals.
The album took three years in the making, in the Parisian studio of the artist.
Nicolas did everything : music, lyrics, sound engineering up to the art work of his world.
Stories From Birds And Horses has been mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering, Montréal, Canada (Godpseed you black emperor, Silver mont zion, constellation label)
Nicolas is also the sound engineer and the co founder of the Label. His most known work was for the album of Hoepffner, [Lemoine] and The Artificial Sea.

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01 In the hood03' 39"
02 Waiting the wild bunch03' 40"
03 Dark beings04' 08"
04 Asleep04' 27"
05 Grey scale06' 24"
06 Over the hill06' 02"
07 Fairytales04' 58"
08 Stories from birds and horses05' 45"
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