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Ràbia e Poësia


After a busy 2013 tour, which resulted in the recording of concerts, GOULAMAS'K released an live album in 2014 "Ràbia e Poesia" (Rage and Poetry) with 12 unreleased songs.
GOULAMAS'K remains close to its original influences: brass instrument ska punk, French Occitan
singing, powerful vocals ...  and retains the band's exploration of wild punk rock music, successfully blending traditional music punctuated by reggae, dub, ragga.
GOULAMAS'K made us accustomed to the presence of new instruments with every new album (Catalan Graille, Accordion, Catalan Bag Pipe …)."Ràbia e Poesia" is not an exception with the
appearance of the bouzouki and hurdy-gurdy.
In a party and protest spirit, the lyrics alternate rage and poetry, cry of revolt and joy of life.
With this live, GOULAMAS'K delivers a contagious energetic music.

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