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Même les abeilles


IVIDUB " Même les abeilles " ; is a reggae album wich releases an energy collecting several horizons : France, Africa and West Indies.
We escape on mesmerizing melodies, Reggae roots instrumentals very powerfull supported by a massive bass guitar, skanky or groovy guitars, saxo and choruses wich take off.
It's a beautiful incentive in the journey, on conscious and committed texts wich denounce with poetry, the mental slavery and the economic colonization.
Ividub approaches the authenticity by organizing various ingredients ; singings and words given rythm in french on
Reggae roots compositions mixed with electro sounds.

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01 Même les abeilles04' 04"
02 Libre et insoumis03' 43"
03 On n'appartient à personne03' 37"
04 De passage sur terre05' 10"
05 Si tu les écoutes03' 44"
06 Içi l'hôtel04' 38"
07 Rien n'est trop beau04' 04"
08 Manju03' 53"
09 Téléroïne dub version03' 29"
10 El Dorado05' 19"
11 L'été dans la cité03' 17"
12 Opaline03' 54"
13 Jusqu'à la source03' 39"
14 Téléroïne dub version03' 21"
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