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Life-enhancing solutions


ICHLIEBELOVE is Philippe Raimond, born in Tours, who know lives in Paris. His first album is a great wacky orchestral pop record. Philippe worked on these ten tracks for two years, since his first demos (Les Inrockuptibles website CQFD called him a “genius” at the time). PE (Laudanum’s producer) recorded them in his studio. The brass section was composed of members of the Hiddentracks. It also features catchy vocals and melodies, sharp guitars, and sour keyboards and electronic elements, worthy of Boo Radley’s Giant Step (one of our favourite 1990s records), Caribou’s Andorra, and Baxter Dury’s album. The Summer of 2011 shall be psychedelic thanks to ichliebelove!

With Life-Enhancing Solutions ICHLIEBELOVE offer transfigured climates, either relieving or bewitching throughout. Slow obsessive litanies able with their justness and pertinence to wrap these productions with both an apocalyptic aura and a hymn to life itself.

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01 Intro02' 08"
02 Rev. III05' 35"
03 Bad with faces, worse with names05' 49"
04 Born again sinner05' 14"
05 Follow05' 18"
06 Swimming soul03' 27"
07 Alternate key03' 37"
08 My guru friend04' 51"
09 Low connection04' 28"
10 Whisky and downers06' 09"
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