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Hopes Of Freedom


Hopes of Freedom is a group of Folk Power Metal, based in Normandy. Mixing the power of Power Metal with folk sounds, the compositions of the band want melodic, rich, funs, happy, epic, and always inspired fanciful stories in which dragons, knights and other imaginary quests clearly have their place.

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01 ...And the Manuscript Unfolds02' 26"
02 Your Life in my Hands05' 21"
03 Through the Winds and the Rain06' 33"
04 Ride in the Sky06' 54"
05 The Fight07' 33"
06 Masters of the World05' 31"
07 Run Away05' 43"
08 Death Should We Falter08' 05"
09 The Call05' 52"
10 Hopes of Freedom11' 28"
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