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Recorded during the winter of 2012 at Studio Jean-Paul Trombert, Dangerosa includes 13 tracks in a direction more "Heavy Rock". This album marks a significant change for the group with most successful pieces and a more tailored production.
The album "Dangerosa" is available on the independent label Brennus Music melodic hard rock.
"Dangerosa" is the 3rd album from SONOLOCO. This new opus distills an overpowered tinted Rock Heavy Metal and some hints nauseating punk. This album also contains more than 30 unpublished photos, videos, the making of the recording studio and inland sites "Augmented Reality" viewed through the free application Layar ™ on your smartphone or tablet.
Link to videoclip : (Occitan Warriors)

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01 Intro01' 48"
02 Mesfia Te05' 02"
03 Les Montagnes Hallucinées04' 34"
04 La Rentela04' 04"
05 Dieu03' 45"
06 Dangerosa03' 06"
07 Occitania05' 12"
08 Lo Gascon02' 42"
09 Les Bombes03' 14"
10 Occitan Warriors04' 20"
11 Outsiders03' 25"
12 Lo Leberon03' 57"
13 Outro02' 50"
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