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Compilation Extraordinaire Records


The label has put out its’ first compilation album.
One stone in a happy buzz of music!
A sound bite including young pop rock songwriters living in and around the Toulouse area.
The recording includes a cosmopolitan mix of German, French and English musicians linked by their love of pop songs and ballads.
The musicians included int the compoliation frequently play together live with the “ Extraordinaire Project” and includes
Daniel Powell- the pop melodist, Maddyson, the baroque off the wall lyricst and
Hanna Camille, the broken voice of blues, and Arno C , Phil Sharples, Dorine Cosson
Talent guaranteed.

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01 Maddyson Myarade - Hey Yeah03' 34"
02 Hanna Camille - Take a gun03' 04"
03 Maddyson Myarade - Mona astra04' 02"
04 Hanna Camille - 10 bucks smile03' 45"
05 Extraordinaire Project - Eleanor rigby03' 54"
06 Extraordinaire Project - I walk alone03' 22"
07 Arno C - Missing03' 42"
08 Véro Ségo - She said03' 53"
09 Dan Powell - I wanna03' 00"
10 Phil sharples - Rocking you03' 04"
11 Dorine - Time03' 25"
12 The Jokes - Every girl says02' 54"
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