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City Island


Novosibirsk, from the appartment window, we see the Ob Sea - "The Artificial Sea"... the snow covers up the ashes of time, tired men's bodies ; relics from a world where exhausted love rests. It rains on "City Island" from now on. Those soundscapes sticks to the rainy days. Melancholy an electronic pulsation to the music; cherishing our burdenned hearts. And we start on travelling some forgotten places where one dreams to be... This voice a pick that breaks the ice from our hearts. Those melodies are pieces of happiness to the reach of our frozen hands.

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01 Gloryhole02' 58"
02 The Light Of 1,000 Televisions03' 23"
03 Tunnel Vision03' 14"
04 Ride This Thing04' 11"
05 Vor03' 28"
06 Things We Spent03' 58"
07 Happy Ending03' 28"
08 Better Living03' 35"
09 Outpost03' 47"
10 Milemarker03' 26"
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