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The Group
At the heart of a dark forest, very dark, or even the most insignificant ferns takes a menacing look, our forest witches cauldron boil them in a sound that is puzzle style.
Only certainty, the body slowly being invaded by dancing, even in the depths of the most inhospitable jungles.
Is it the roaring bass rhythms by turns funky and rock'n'roll? Could this trance Gwo Ka or Maloya? The excitement of Caribbean drums found the sound of drums the drums? The lyrical saxophone or frenzied tempos that bebop would not deny? Should we in this quirky humor of the forestry entities? Clever decoy them, it will dare to venture into the depths of the undergrowth to claim to have explored!

With a tour in Guadeloupe and many concerts in the South
France, the training, especially tailored for the scene, able to unite people of all backgrounds.
Punks in household under 50 years, through lovers French song, the bab's, rockers, midinettes, the jazzman, the johns, seniors ... some groups using instrumental music can boast together a so diverse audience !

Main concerts
Jazz in Marciac / Festival Jazz a Luz / Festival Jazz à Bayonne /Jazz sur son 31 /
Festival Toulouse d’Été / Festival Terres de couleur / Festival Culture Bar-Bars / Festival Jazzèbre/ Festival Chainon Manquant / Le Baiser Salé / Le Mandala...

A live recording quivering in pots, the Dark Side has released his first album "Aaah" January 30, 2013.

Released on ...

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01 Mother Macho04' 44"
02 Si plaj'sentann07' 04"
03 Aaah06' 04"
04 Traversée05' 13"
05 Don't call me Harry03' 52"
06 Saint-Sernin08' 03"
07 Pim pam poum qui tu sais05' 34"
08 Voilà pourquoi j'ai tué le chat07' 05"
09 Ragga K queen04' 59"
10 Servis Kabaré05' 50"
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